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Baseline Testing

Monday, June 12th, 2017
Assessments of balance, vision, memory, attention, and more that measure how the brain functions prior to a head injury. These tests are compared to post-injury scores following a concussion.
Baseline Testing

What is Baseline Testing?

Baseline tests are assessments that measure how the brain functions prior to receiving a head injury. These assessments look at balance and brain function (vision, learning and memory skills, attention or concentration, and speed of thinking and problem-solving), as well as concussion symptoms. Baseline testing should be performed before the start of a sport's season, prior to the first practice. Baseline tests can also be taken by individuals who do not compete in sports, but would like to have a baseline test available in case of an injury. Without a baseline test to use for comparison, post-injury test scores can be compared only to the general population.


Why should a baseline test be taken?

The purpose of the baseline testing is to provide a better clinical picture for individualized brain recovery. It allows for a normal or pre-injury comparison should you suffer an injury, and will supply physicians with more accurate information as they determine when you are safe to return to sports or other life activities.


What kind of baseline testing does the Rothman Concussion Network offer?

We offer ImPACT, ImPACT PediatricSway Balance, and the King-Devick Test as individual tests or as part of a comprehensive baseline testing package.


What is involved in the testing process?

The ImPACT, Sway, and King-Devick tests measure cognitive skills, vision, memory, motor skills, balance, and reaction time. A computer, tablet, and reading chart are utilized during the testing time. A provider is present with you or your child during a majority of the testing and provides instructions throughout the testing. The ImPACT test is taken in a quiet environment where you will be able to perform to the best of your ability.


How and where can I get baseline tested?

Fill out the online form below to schedule a baseline testing appointment, or call 267-463-2300. You can visit our home page for a list of upcoming baseline testing nights near you, or you can schedule your appointment at the Rothman Concussion Network, M - F, 8am - 4pm. You will receive a copy of all baseline reports after completing testing.


How often should I get baseline tested?

ImPACT testing should be completed every year prior to middle school, and every other year from middle school until college. College level athletes should complete an ImPACT baseline test once, as should all professional athletes and adult non-athletes. Sway Balance and King-Devick tests should be completed every year through high school.


What is the cost of a baseline test?

Baseline tests cost $15 each, or $40 for a comprehensive baseline package. Payment is taken at the time of your scheduled appointment.


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For Your Brain The Best Minds

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